Cam & Groove Couplings

Accepted as an international standard. These are precision cast for excellent metallurgy. This coupling gives fastest & simplest tight connection. The seal will remain tight because wear is reduced to a minimum, this is because the gasket which is compressed is stationery, receives no friction & will not become worn or buckled. It is recessed & will never fall out.

The principle behind the design of cam lock coupling is simple. Cam arms fitted on pivot pins gets locked in the adopter groove, so that when the line pressure attempts to force the cam lock coupler and adopter apart, the bottom edge of the adapter groove pushes with a equal pressure against the under edge of the cam arm increasing the locking action. All the couplings pass through a hydrostatic test of minimum 500 psi ( 35kg/cm2 ).


For transfer of fluids, paints, oil , grease, water, slurries, chemicals etc.
Automobile manufacturers n Mining Cement Chemical Industries
Fertilizers, Fire fighting Equipments, Furnaces Ink/Dye/ paint industries
Steel plants
Military applications
Oil drilling companies (off shore/ on shore) Steel plants
Process Industries
Pneumatic Conveyors Oil Blending Platforms

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