Double Check Valve Couplings

They are designed for connecting hydraulic lines, hence they are frequently called as Hydraulic couplings. Although it is the main application, they are also used extensively where varieties of other fluids are involved. They are made to withstand pressure up to10,000 psi (700kg/cm2) depending on size & material. They contain valves in both coupler adopter to prevent loss of fluid when disconnected.

It is recommended to use the dust cap & dust plug to prevent contamination of the media when the lines are reconnected and also to increase the life of coupling by preventing damage. Double check valve couplings are available in Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel with a range of body size from 1/4" to 3”.


Agriculture, Plastic Molding, Automobile Industry, Refrigeration, Mobile Hydraulics, Steel Industry, Oil Industry
High Pressure applications in Hydraulic systems, vacuum, steam, oil, air Test Equipments/Test Beds

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