Single Check Valve Couplings

They were originally used for connecting portable air tools and equipments to air lines. Hence , they are often referred to as Pneumatic Couplings. Originally they were available from 1/8" to 1/2" sizes, upto a pressure of 300 psi ( 21 kg/cm2). However, now they are available up to a 3" size to meet new applications.

The Coupler should be installed on the supply end of the line to shut off the fluid supply when coupling is disconnected. The adopter has no valving & upon disconnection exhausts the downstream media. Even in liquid lines, this would not be mechanically detrimental unless fluid loss would interface with a holding circuit or contaminates the area around it.


Air supply to small pneumatic tools /machines, Agriculture machinery, Air guns, Automotive assembly lines, Construction equipments, General air service, Pneumatic pipings, Pneumatic Tools, Pneumatic servo control /systems, Workstations.

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